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Libet's paradoxical findings and strange findings about state function reduction in atomic scales

Perceiving is basically quantum measuring, More precisely, perceptions correspond to the counterparts of so called weak measurements in TGD (zero energy ontology) analogous to classical measurements. The observables measured in weak measurements are such that they commute with the observables whose eigenstate is the permanent part of self, the "soul". Big ( that is ordinary) state function reductions mean the death of self and its reincarnation with opposite arrow of time. This holds universally in all scales.

For the change of the arrow of time the recent findings gave direct support in atomic scales (see this). Effectively there is a deterministic process leading to the final state of reduction. This is an illusion: reduction produces superposition of deterministic classical time evolutions beginning from the final state but backwards in time of observer. Experimenters misinterpreted this as time evolution with standard arrow of time leading to the final state of reduction.

Also Libet's findings about active aspects of consciousness can be interpreted in ZEO along the same lines. The observation that the neural activity begins before conscious decision can be understood by saying that the act of free will as a big state function reduction changed the arrow of time for an appropriate subsystem of the system studied. Tte time reversed classical evolutions from the outcome of the volitional action were interpreted erratically as a time evolution leading to the conscious decision. A less precise manner to say this is that conscious decision (big state function reduction) sent a classical signal to geometric past with opposite arrow of time initiating neural activity. Libet's finding led physicalistic neuroscientists to conclude that free will is an illusion. The actual illusions were physicalism and the belief that arrow of time is always the same.

See the article Copenhagen interpretation dead: long live ZEO based quantum measurement theory! or the chapter Life and Death and Consciousness of "TGD based view about living matter and remote mental interactions: Part I".

For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

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