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Tesla inspires still

Tesla has served as a source of inspiration for free energy researchers decade after decade. The claims assigned with Tesla and free energy are not consistent with the prevailing belief systems, and it is very interesting to look whether they could make sense in TGD framework predicting a lot of new physics. I have even written a book studying these claims systematically (see this). The book is written about two decades ago and TGD has developed a lot after than and it is interesting to take a glimple at it with the recent understanding of TGD.

1. Some claims associated with Tesla and free energy research

In the following some claims assigned with Tesla and free energy research are summarized.

Tesla explained his observations with scalar waves. Maxwellian electrodynamics does not however allow massless photons with vanishing spin. Tesla also believed on aether but to my view Tesla was here a child of his time.

My recent view is that scalar waves are not possible as single-sheeted s…

A connection of singularities of minimal surfaces with generation of Higgs vacuum expectation?

String world sheet appear as singularities of space-time surfaces as minimal surfaces. At string world sheets minimal surface equations fail and there is transfer of Noether charges associated with Kähler and volume degrees of freedom at string world. This has interpretation as analog for the interaction of charged particle with Maxwell field.

What about the physical interpretation of the singular divergences of the isometry currents JA of the volume action located at string world sheet?

The divergences of JA are proportional to the trace of the second fundamental form H formed by the covariant derivatives of gradients ∂αhk of H-coordinates in the interior and vanish. The singular contribution at string world sheets is determined by the discontinuity of the isometry current JA and involves only the first derivatives ∂αhk.

One of the first questions after ending up with TGD for 41 years ago was whether the trace of H in the case of CP2 coordinates could serve as …

Idea before its time: space-time surfaces as Kähler calibrated surfaces

When ideas stop flowing, it is best to stay calm and do something practical. Updating of books or homepage is not rocket science but gives a feeling that one is doing something useful. I realized that 7 books have grown so that they have about thousand pages and decided to divide them to two pieces: the result is that the number of books grew to the magic number 24.

This led to the updating of the introductions of books. I have the habit of writing introductions so that they reflect the latest overall view - books themselves contain older archeological layers and inconsistencies are unavoidable. Also at this time I experienced several not merely pleasant surprises.

A pleasant surprise was that the discrete coupling contant evolution predicted by TGD implying the vanishing of loop corrections, simplifying twistorial scattering amplitudes and their recursion formulas dramatically, and also implying that scattering amplitudes reduce to sums of resonance contributions. I…

Twistors in TGD and unexpected connection with Veneziano duality

The twistorialization of TGD has two aspects. The attempt to generalize twistor Grassmannian approach emerged first. It was however followed by the realization that also the twistor lift of TGD at classical space-time level is needed. It turned out that that the progress in the understanding of the classical twistor lift has been much faster - probably this is due to my rather limited technical QFT skills.

Twistor lift at space-time level

8-dimensional generalization of ordinary twistors is highly attractive approach to TGD. The reason is that M4 and CP2 are completely exceptional in the sense that they are the only 4-D manifolds allowing twistor space with Kähler structure. The twistor space of M4× CP2 is Cartesian product of those of M4 and CP2. The obvious idea is that space-time surfaces allowing twistor structure if they are orientable are representable as surfaces in H such that the properly induced twistor structure co-incides with the twistor structure defined by the induc…

When we will start to make theoretical physics again?

The following is comment to FB discussion about what TGD as a TOE really means and also about the sad situation prevailing in the forefront of theoretical physics now.


Of course TGD is TOE but in much more general sense that usually. TGD is also a quantum theory of consciousness and life.

TGD started as a theory of gravitation but during the first two years it became clear that TGD is also a generalization of string models allowing to understand the origin of standard model symmetries. The basic problem of GRT (lost classical conservation laws) was the starting point of TGD - colleagues still fail to realize the existence of the problem!

The problems of string models (spontaneous compactification needed to get space-time) or those of GUTS (loss of separate conservation of baryon and lepton numbers and failure to find any evidence for this prediction plus fine tuning problems) could have also been starting points of TGD. It became also clear that TGD is a fu…